Danielson, Kimberly Joy

Kimberly Joy Danielson. Picnic, 2020 acrylic on board 36″ x 48″

Kimberly Joy Danielson has a BFA from the Ontario College of Art  in drawing and painting. She holds a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from McMaster University, a medical degree from McMaster University, with a specialization in psychiatry and psychoanalysis.

Danielson’s current body of work emerges as a culmination and synthesis of a lifelong practice of painting, psychoanalysis, and exposure to the colours, traditions, and handicrafts of Västerbotten Sweden and Telemark Norway, her cultural heritage. There is a strong tradition of beautifully woven textiles, carved wooden objects sometimes vibrantly painted, as well as birch root and birch bark baskets and knapsacks.

Kim Danielson. Night Dive, 2019 acrylic on board 30″ x 30″

Kim Danielson. Wafting on a Summer Breeze, 2018 acrylic on board 30″ x 30″

Kimberly Joy Danielson. Morning, 2019 acrylic on board 12″ x 16″

Kim Danielson. Fric and Frac, 2018 acrylic on board 24″ x 18″