Solomon, Daniel

Daniel Solomon, Bright Air and Deep Water, 24" x 36", 2010, Oil on canvas

Daniel Solomon, Bright Air and Deep Water, 2010, Oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches

Daniel Solomon is a Toronto-based artist and Professor of Art at the Ontario College of Art and Design. His career spans over forty years and began when he studied architecture at the University of Oregon in the early 1960s. He emigrated to Toronto in 1967. He showed at Isaac’s Gallery from 1970 to 1977, where he joined the Mirvish/Klonaridis stable. Since then has shown his paintings and sculptures regularly in solo exhibitions in major galleries in Canada, including at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in New Brunswick, the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa. He has also exhibited throughout the United States and Europe.

Solomon is historically considered to be part of the “bridge generation” between the second and third generations of Toronto modernists (Nasgaard, 251). Recurring motifs of bold, bright colours and sculptural elements can be found throughout his oeuvre. In his artist statement Solomon writes, “two elements seem to be present in my work throughout my entire career: a love of intense, vibrant colours and an interest in complex pictorial space.”

Daniel Solomon, Wheel of Life, 11" x 12", 2010

Daniel Solomon, Wheel of Life, 2010, Oil on canvas, 11 x 12 inches

Daniel Solomon, Red in the Air, 2009, Acrylic on canvas, 86 1/2 x 66 inches

Daniel Solomon, Space Mixer, 24" x 48" x 8", Aluminum

Daniel Solomon, Space Mixer, Aluminum, 24 x 48 x 8 inches

Fresh Air, 2007, Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 12 inches

Blues Tonight, 2010, Acrylic on canvas, 14 x 11 inches

Blue Jazz in a Deep Blue Night, 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 42 inches

Banff Summer, 2002, Watercolor, 18 x 24 inches

Magic In The Air, 2008, Acrylic on canvas, 38 x 33 inches