General Gallery Guidelines

The Visitor Experience

To ensure that our visitors have the most enjoyable experience possible and to help protect the art for future generations to enjoy, we ask you to kindly observe the following gallery guidelines:

  • Please be careful when wearing backpacks, large purses, umbrellas, or other bulky items in the gallery. You are welcome to check these items for free at the front reception desk.
  • Reasonably sized strollers are allowed in the galleries. Please do not allow children to push strollers while in the gallery.
  • Please allow a 24 inch distance between you and the artwork.
  • Do not touch artworks, frames, or cases, or point with canes, pencils, umbrellas, or other objects.
  • Cell phones should be turned to silent mode while in the galleries.
  • A service animal may accompany a visitor to The Gallery.
  • Photography is allowed in the gallery for personal use only, except where indicated. We ask that you respect the rights of the artists and their representatives under Canadian copyright law.
  • Please do not use tripods or other equipment that may interfere with other visitors or artwork.