“I want to keep exploring and taking my paintings as far as I can and then some.” Blaise DeLong 2020

Blaise DeLong’s paintings explore and manipulate many colour principles. Her art is within the Modernist tradition, she welcomes the infusion of place and sentiment into her abstract matrix. DeLong embraces a revitalizing mysticism and has more in common with European abstractionists, like Itten and Kandinsky.

Her paintings are complex and beautifully balanced colour harmonies. The edges of her forms play an important role in defining the spatial feeling. The use of oils over acrylic brings luster to the colours. She balances control and chaos in her method, allowing the paint to drip at times.

Blaise is currently working and living in Rockport, Ontario. She will be exhibiting her works at The Gallery at 13th Street Winery in the near future. Please stay tuned for an updated exhibition schedule.

November 94 Series – Unframed Watercolour Works 15″ x 19″
Watercolour & Acrylic on Heavy Paper Unframed
If you would like to add one of these works by Blaise DeLong to your collection, we would be happy to discuss prices. Contact us by phone 289 968 1840 or email margie@thegalleryat13thstreetwinery.com