“‘What makes art intriguing is not what is easily revealed, but the question marks that remain. So, it is with our world; from our senses, we attempt to construct, to build meaning, from our surroundings.” Henry Saxe

In 1973 Henry Saxe exhibited at the National Gallery of Canada. His space would appear to be a work in progress; a precarious stepladder, a coil of rope and pieces of steel were scattered about the room. This would be one of the first examples of “installation art” in North America.

“Saxe’s drawings and paintings in the Sixties represented a clash between constructivism and abstract expressionism, combining angular geometries with organic form. These contradictory interests created a conflict in how he handled space. Conflicting components were at times awkward and imbalanced.”

These works on paper by Henry Saxe explore the composition of the Borromean Rings, they evolved from his Sphere sculptures. By using heavy stock, Henry is able to etch into the paper. The carved, incised lines hint at a suspicion of an underlying dimension. Henry’s paintings, drawings and sculptures all have a very direct correlation to each other.


All works on paper are on rag board.
The medium used for Borromean Rings Series is blackboard paint.
For his mixed media works, Henry attaches metal to the rag board.

Borromean Rings Series from 2013 (20″ x 30″ unframed)
BORROMEAN RINGS SERIES from 2015 (32 1/4″ x 40″ unframed)
Borromean Rings Series from 2015 (40″ x 60″ Unframed) $8000.00
Drawings and Mixed Media works (32 1/4″ x 40″)
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